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Pick & Drop Assurance Policy

  • Well organized and hassle-free car pick up and drop at customer’s desired location.
  • Customized time slot gives our customer a stress free experience to select their booking as per their availability.
  • Guaranteed pick up and drop on time saves our customer time that can be utilized at other important work.
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How it works

eFetch Website/Booking is an easy and intuitive process. You can make a booking for one of our service in under minutes.

Phone Number

Our call center operate from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Sunday to Thursday.
Call as at +968 24578655

Book Online

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Pick-up Service

eFetch offers a convenient pick-up service to collect your car from a location of your choice saving you the hassle of driving your car to a service center.

Thorough Inspection

Our expert technicians inspect your car thoroughly and take note of any concerns you may have to ensure that your car is well-maintained and any issues are identified early on.

Detailed Report

You will receive a detailed report via SMS and email for your reference. This report will provide you with an overview of the work done and any issues identified during the inspection.

Customer Support

In case of any questions or issues, our customer support team is available at +968 24578655/info@efetch.om .

Safety Precautions

To ensure the safety of your personal belongings, please remove any valuables before handing over your car.

We strictly adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols, and our staff wear face masks and gloves and take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and secure service for our customers.

Dedicated Service Advisor

Upon the arrival of your car at our workshop, a dedicated service advisor will be assigned to oversee a thorough inspection and generate a detailed report complete with images.

Comprehensive Health Check

Our team of expert technicians will carry out a comprehensive health check of your car to identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Detailed Report

You will receive a report via SMS and email that provides a comprehensive overview of the health check to help you understand the condition of your car and the work required to keep it running smoothly.

Replacement Parts

If replacement parts are necessary, our parts advisors will source the highest quality components at the best possible prices. A quotation will be promptly sent to you for approval, and no work is conducted without your consent.

Car Repair or Service

Once we receive your approval, the necessary parts will be ordered, and the repair or service of your car will commence.

Overall, at our workshop, we aim to provide a comprehensive car servicing experience that ensures your car is well-maintained and any issues are identified early on. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, high-quality parts, and personalized service.

Thorough Quality Check

After the car servicing is complete, it undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure that all work has been done to the highest standards. Any issues found during the quality check are promptly sent back to the workshop for further diagnosis.

Road Test

A road test is conducted after the quality check to ensure that the car is running smoothly and to identify any issues that may have been missed during the inspection.

Cleaning Service

Once the car successfully passes the road test, it is taken for cleaning inside and outside. The interiors are vacuumed, and the exteriors are shampooed, washed, and dried to ensure that your car is sparkling clean.

Final Quality Check

Following the cleaning, the car undergoes yet another quality check to ensure everything is in order.

Invoice and Online Payment

After the successful quality check, an invoice is generated, and a link for online payment is sent to you via SMS and email.

Delivery Service

Once the payment is made, we assign a driver to deliver your car back to your chosen location. The driver will conduct a final inspection with you and prepare a delivery report that will be sent via SMS and email.

Overall, at eFetch, we strive to provide a quality service delivery experience that ensures your car is well-maintained and returned to you in the best possible condition. We take pride in our attention to detail, high-quality service, and personalized approach to servicing your car.

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eFetch Benefits

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In normal conditions, eFetch delivers the vehicle on the same/next day of the pickup service request. You will be updated with the estimated delivery date and time if the car requires additional work prior approval will be taken from you before start of additional work.
Yes. We at eFetch have a team of expert agents who will pick up and deliver your vehicle as per your requested time. However we only allow one pickup & drop location for now.
The vehicles will be serviced / repaired at only Manufacturer authorized distributor workshop. Yes. Garages enlisted in our network are secured. Furthermore, our team of expert mechanics is qualified and experienced enough to work on your car and keep it safe.
Once you submit your request, our agent will visit your location on the date and time of the requested slot. They will inspect your car for as per the vehicle receipt inventory check sheet, any damage and prepare a comprehensive report of your vehicle, and the report will be shared with you.Your car then will be taken to the designated authorized service center /workshop, where our experts will do a complete health check-up of your vehicle.If the team finds any faulty part that requires change, other than the standard service, our team will notify you with the cost estimate & time estimate, and request your approval to do the additional job. This will include the respective part cost and labor work that comes along with it. If you approve to proceed with the repairs, our expert mechanics will do the repair work. Similarly, if you decline the request, our team will proceed with the agreed service work.Once the service/additional approved jobs are complete and the payment is acknowledged, our agent will deliver your car to the given drop address. Once your vehicle reached your address, our agent will do another comprehensive inspection and make a delivery report of your car in your presence. This report along with Service invoices etc. will be shared with you digitally, along with the detailed service report. This report will include all the work done on your vehicle, including the part change (if applicable)
Once the repair is done for additional work required and approved by you on your vehicle, you will receive a notification to pay online.
All the service will be carried out as per the manufacturer specifications (detailed in the vehicle owner manual) Service cost includes Parts / Lubricants/ Service labor Oil, Filters, and miscellaneous items like O-rings, crush washers etc., that are required for service based on the vehicle mileage and service selected by you .. However, if your vehicle requires any part change, the team will notify you and once approved by you, the repair work will proceed. The parts available with us for your vehicle are genuine parts from the original equipment manufacturer.

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