Auto Repair at your Doorstep

Ever been frustrated because you were stuck with your car? Beat up and ready to give up on it? Well, neither have we. We provide Auto Repair at your home. No appointment is necessary! We know how challenging it is to be a driver in these tough times. All you want is to grab a cup of coffee and not worry about your car every time it breaks down. That's why we treat every customer like a VIP so you can focus on what matters — getting where you need to be via auto ride.

The Most Convenient and High-Quality Automobile Repair

Muscat has become a popular destination for many corporate headquarters. Have you ever been travelling to your company's office in the morning and see the oil change light on your vehicle's dashboard illuminated? When you arrive at work, you wonder, "How can I make an appointment at the Auto repair near my location when I have so many meetings today?"

Efetch has the answer! We offer mobile Auto Repair centres in Muscatand the surrounding areas. In-dash services include brake pads and rotors, starters, alternators, tune-ups, wheel bearings, oil changes, inspection and diagnosis, suspension, and power steering.

You can complete your tasks while we work on your vehicle and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Indeed, many of our customers believe that we are the most reliable mobile auto repair and maintenance company in Muscat. Our customers return because they know they can rely on Efetch to provide excellent service and honest, fair pricing.

Our qualified, competent, and expert mobile mechanics can come to your workplace, home, or the side of the road. They will assist you with your vehicle when you need it the most. We live in the twenty-first century. You no longer need to follow previous traditions and visit your dealer or repair business.

Efetch is now available to you. You may get groceries, dry cleaning, books, and other items delivered straight to your door. Why not car maintenance? Consider the time savings in addition to the quality service. You now have time for one more appointment, more time with your children, or perhaps a nap!

Why choose auto repairs at the doorstep?

Why do mobile mechanics exist? "Why wouldn't you prefer to work with a mobile mechanic?" should be the genuine question. It's the ideal trick for anyone looking to save time. You have complete control over the day, time, and location of your appointment. Everything is done through the Efetch website or Auto Repair cost estimator app.

Once you hand over the keys, a trained, professional mobile technician will arrive at your house and fix your automobile. Consider the time savings, as well as a list of things we know you won't miss, such as the drive to the dealer/shop, waiting in the no-Wi-Fi waiting room, uncomfortable rental cars, useless upselling, and hidden mark-ups.

Efetch has made it its duty to provide dependable service. Furthermore, Auto repair at doorstep price gives you peace of mind that you are not being overcharged.

We are committed to giving the finest customer service possible. We're making mechanics seem easy. Give Efetch a try today in Muscat. You'll never turn back once you've tried mobile eFetch!

The car is not starting

Our skilled mobile mechanic will come to you to diagnose the problem with your automobile and, with your consent, will proceed with the necessary repairs.

Brake pads replacement

Brakes that grind and squeak? Is your automobile pulsing? Is your brake fluid low? Our mechanic will replace your brake pads at your home or office. Our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty applies.

Engine oil light

Though the "check engine" light is scary and should not be disregarded, it does not mean that your engine is likely to blow up. Allow our mechanic to determine why your engine oil light is on.

Oil change

Our mechanic will come to you to change the oil in your vehicle.

Alternator replacement

Our mechanic will evaluate the complete charging system, including the battery cables for corrosion and the battery's condition, before installing a new alternator.

Radiator replacement

Is the vehicle overheating? Is coolant leaking? Our expert will perform the radiator replacement service on-site.

Battery replacement

Do you require a new battery? Our skilled mechanic will arrive at your location with a new battery to get you back on the road as soon as possible!

Starter replacement

Heard a loud click and your vehicle won't start? You are most likely in need of a starting replacement service. Our mechanic will come to your location!

A/C compressor replacement

Is your air conditioner not as effective as it once was? A/C compressor replacement may be required. Our mechanic can assist you and will travel to your area.


Remember, you can save money on vehicle repairs by always having a mechanic in your car. Are you standing out in the hot weather waiting for your car to start? No problem, just need to get to that critical meeting at work but can't due to a dead battery.

What if you're stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire in a storm? Any one of those problems and more can be easily rectified by On-Call Auto Repair at home without the need to waste valuable time calling around to different mechanics or standing in long lines at the repair shop.