Car Maintenance service in Muscat

Cars are possibly one of the most significant artefacts of modern life. Maintenance service on your car is a crucial step you can't skip no matter what kind of car you own; a basic model to get you by or a luxury model that is a dream.

Car Maintenance service in Muscat is a broad topic - changing your oil, replacing old batteries, brake pads, and spark plugs, checking belts, tyre rotation, and air pressure - can be daunting. As a result, it's advisable to leave these matters to the professionals. In addition, you should have your car regularly inspected for maintenance, lest you end up in a mess that's a nightmare to crawl out of.

But, no matter what, sooner or later, you're going to have car trouble, and with the prices of car repair services skyrocketing, it can be quite tasking to look for a competent technician who's up to the job but won't cost you an arm and a leg. You can browse through various professional experts at Efetch who understand your needs and offer you solutions within your budget.

Regardless of the issue - replacements or repairs- our list of technicians includes professionals who have not only the skills but also the tools so that you can rely on them entirely. Our technicians can be called on-site, or you can bring your car to them - whatever works best for you.

Car Cleaning Services

Having your car deep-cleaned gives you the satisfaction and joy of driving your brand-new car for the first time. We provide deep cleaning services that pay attention to every detail and a general quick wash that saves you time. Our experts provide car cleaning services from the inside out, working on both visible and hidden parts to make your car look brand new. As with the other services, you can have our professionals visit your home or meet on-site.

With efetch, which has the largest audience, you can find or offer Car Maintenance at home innumerable options for your business with our easy-to-navigate simplicity design, which makes it easier than ever to choose from an array of options with the least amount of effort.

Car Electrical Work

There is no definite shelf life for any electrical component, and it can fail to perform at any time. Hence, we focus on car headlights restoration, car AC & heater repair, car battery repair & replacement, car computer diagnostic test, car audio speaker repair, car suspension services, and wheel alignment services.

Due to a current imbalance, damage to one electrical part of the car can sometimes lead to the deterioration of many other electrical components. We usually handle the electrical work on the car after a general inspection or during regular tuning.

Car Detailing & Interior Wash

We provide exceptional exterior and interior car detailing and wash services, which include ceramic coating, scratch removal, car paint, odour removal, and full-service detailing. We clean the interior of the vehicle, including the seats, carpet, dashboard, doors, ceiling, and window tinting. Performing this type of service is necessary at least once a year to maintain the car's appearance, hygiene, and comfort.

Body Modification & Denting Service

Car maintenance services at home for body modification and dent removal include pre-purchase inspections, headlight restoration and repair, wheel alignment repair through computer configuration, accidental dent repair, complete and specified body modifications, car towing, and so forth.

These services are typically provided monthly and yearly and are frequently in the form of accidental car damage. After an accident, a car receives numerous dents, and some parts are severely damaged, necessitating total replacement.

Regular Tuning & Mechanics Work

Although we include a Full-Service maintenance package in our regular tune-ups, which may be done monthly, biannually, or annually, we hit the spots in this maintenance session and prepare the car for the upcoming period of grinding that lasts until the next tune-up.

In such a case, if a car part is bothering us for any reason, we repair it to avoid severe consequences. It typically includes engine and filter, transmission and gearbox, car calibration, and radiator repair. All of these parts are repaired with care by skilled auto mechanics.

Car Parts Replacement Service

This service label begins and ends with replacing all types of car parts, large and small. After thorough testing, we recommend part replacement. If a specific car part has expired or is on its way out, we replace it right away to avoid further damage. You would need to enrol in a car inspection service to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Car Inspection

The general and pre-purchase car inspection includes checking car suspension, air pressure, and engine, tuning, replacing car parts, and checking the brake system, among other things. This is done on a large scale for car sellers and buyers to assist them in determining the correct price of the car. Serious buyers benefit from this infection because it prevents them from purchasing a cheap car at a higher price.


Auto maintenance is about more than just the engines. A car is a significant investment and needs to be looked after properly. Only when you take care of your vehicle can you enjoy it for a long time. Due to the rising concern for the environment, several car service providers offer extended services to maintain your vehicle's performance.

Car maintenance is imperative for your car's health and future performance. Efetch Car Maintenance Service in Muscat offers complete tuning of your engine and parts for your car. We also provide other services such as car repair, bodywork, and detailing.