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Car Service at Home

Everyone at some point in their life dreams of travelling by car. That's why we buy a car with proper savings, but forget to take care of it. When you buy a car, we take care of it. Our staff also service the machine from time to time, but as the days go by, our service decreases. Then there is the entry in your life, that of “car servicing”. Efetch is one of the leading car servicing centres. They take care of your cars very carefully and with quality. Efetch is servicing all types of cars, including big brands like Lexus, Ford, Toyota, Lincoln, Gac Motors and many more. In Cars Servicing, we come to you for Auto Repair, Auto Service, Tire Replacement, Battery Replacement etc. We provide complete maintenance of the car. Our expert mechanics work on improving the condition of your vehicle based on your requirements and our expertise. In Car Services, we provide you with the following services - Auto Repair Services

● New Tires & Tire Repair

Efetch professionals will inspect, rotate, and balance your tyres according to the manufacturer's recommendations. When it comes time to replace them, we will select the suitable size and type of tyre for your vehicle and ensure proper installation.

● Brakes & Brake Repair

Efetch technicians know every aspect of your braking system inside and out, from the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, the brake master cylinder to the power brake booster, drum brakes, disc brakes, and electronic anti-lock brake sensors.

● Oil Change

Your engine's lifeblood is oil. It minimises friction, wear, and provides lubrication, as well as forming a seal between the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls and aiding in the cooling of engine parts. Carbon and varnish accumulation would be hazardous to the engine without the cleaning action of freshly changed oil.

● Exhaust System Services

Your car's exhaust system may appear to be built solely to minimise noise, but it is also responsible for preventing dangerous emissions from entering the atmosphere. Mufflers and exhaust systems that work properly not only sound better, but they are also better for you, your car, and the environment.

● Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is activated, you should have your car evaluated as soon as possible. You can trust Efetch to handle any necessary maintenance or repair issues, so you can get your car back on the road safely - without the worry of a flashing "check engine light." Or you can contact Full car service at Doorstep for assistance.

● Belts & Hoses

Engine accessory drive belts, timing belts, and coolant hoses in your automobile can eventually dry out and snap. Regular inspections, combined with a timely belt and hose replacement, will help prevent roadside failures and costly repairs.

● Car A/C & Heating Repair

Car air conditioning systems contain components that require care and attention to avoid drying out and breaking. Regular car heater inspections are also essential to verify that there are no defective valves or obstructions. Allow Efetch to service your air conditioner or heater to keep you comfortable in any weather. And keep your car running smoothly with Car service and maintenance at your doorstep.

● Steering & Suspension

We provide professional ASE-certified specialists to repair and/or maintain your steering system, suspension, and wheel alignment using the latest diagnostic technology to keep you and your vehicle on the road.

● Lights, Wipers & Accessories

Our Efetch can assist you in improving your visibility by inspecting your windshield wiper blades, headlamps, turn signals, and brake lights, as well as refilling your windshield washer fluid.

● Car Batteries, Starting & Charging

Efetch's experienced personnel may evaluate your car battery and, if necessary, replace it with a replacement from a reputable manufacturer. If your car won't start, the battery isn't the only thing to look into. The starter, alternator, and spark plugs can all cause issues.

● Radiator & Engine Cooling

Overheating in a car can be caused by several factors. There is a lot of heat to cope with when engine combustion temperatures reach 2000° F or higher.

● Fleet Services

Efetch Car service at your doorstep has created one of the most comprehensive fleets management systems currently available. We have addressed the fleet manager's service, data, and payment needs at every level of the fleet maintenance management process. We built controls that save time and money.

● Tyre replacement

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality auto repairs and services. Efetch is the place to visit if you want the largest discount on tyres. We have the most competitive pricing in town for tyres, brakes, wheel alignment and balance, suspension, tune-ups, and all other auto maintenance.

● Battery replacement

At Efetch, we understand the value of providing a genuine, accessible, rapid, and reasonable car battery change service. As a result, we provide the highest quality car batteries from reputable and trustworthy brands such as Exide and Amaron. These brands are recommended for a wide range of vehicles in the Indian market.

Why choose Efetch?

● Transparency

At Efetch, our professionals provide you with a full analysis and explanation of which services your vehicle requires and why. We guarantee complete confidence and dependability, so you won't have to worry about the car or the bill once you deliver it to us for repairs.

● Affordability

We have lower rates than other workshops because we are multi-brand Book a car service at home providers. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality car service near me at the most competitive prices.

● Quality Spare Parts

We exclusively utilise genuine and high-quality spare parts at Efetch. Whatever brand your car is, we have the proper spare parts for it. You will also receive a warranty on the additional components.

● Pick up & Drop Facility

We always place a high priority on your comfort! Efetch will come to you, no matter where you are, to get your automobile, service it, and return it to you!