Symptoms of a failing water pump in your car

Car water pumps form a vital part of the car cooling system as they are responsible for the to-and-fro passage of water between the engine and radiator. Any damage caused to the water pump can directly affect the car engine resulting in overheating issues which can further end up in serious car problems. Therefore, monitoring it to detect any signs of malfunction or wear is crucial.

But how do you learn about the issues in a water pump? What are the signs that can alert you about a faulty water pump? Here in this article, we list down a few signs that should serve as an alarm call for you to get your car's water pump checked:

Overheating of the car engine

The engine tends to overheat when the car water pump fails. Always keep an eye on the temperature warning lights, leakages and coolant levels to be aware of when to get the coolant refilled to prevent engine damage.

In such a scenario, give your car a break and do not drive it until and unless you get the water pump repaired. You may end up damaging the engine of your vehicle beyond repair.

Corrosion of water pump

If the coolant gets contaminated, it can corrode the impeller, further causing rusting when the pressure plug malfunctions. Rusting can make it challenging for the pump to move the coolant and, as a result, may worsen the damage. Also, it is easy to predict that a damaged cooling system can ruin the car's engine. Thus, it is crucial to pay heed to any such signs and symptoms and seek home auto service in Muscat to save your vehicles from facing wrath.

Leakage of coolants

The water pump is equipped with gaskets that tend to wear and tear over time. As a result, there will be a chance of coolant leakage. If you happen to witness a green or red colour fluid under your car, it is probably the coolant that has been leaking out. Get your car checked by the professionals at Efetch home service auto company immediately, or it might suffer severe damage.

Weird noise from the car's hood

Always beware of noise that comes from your car, primarily if it originates from the hood of your car. A whining noise that alludes from your vehicle may be a sign of a loose accessory belt that may require immediate fixing.

More abrupt sounds, such as grinding and growling, may signal that your car's bearings have become damaged. You should seek immediate auto mechanic home service for any such noise, whether it comes from the water pump bearing or any other bearing in your car.


Never take a malfunctioning water pump lightly. If unchecked and overlooked, water pump failures can raise immense havoc, and the day will not be far when you have to rethink buying a new car. Regular inspection and alertness are the only ways you can fight such a problem and keep your vehicles working properly.