Wheel Alignment and Balancing Service


Wheel alignment and balancing service are one of the most important things you should do in your car. It is advisable to get it done every other month if you don’t do it frequently. Nobody has perfect wheel alignment. However, if you have done it and it feels out of alignment, you should get an alignment at a wheel alignment centre.

After you have wheel alignment service, you might wonder if wheel balancing is necessary. The truth is that wheel balancing can make your vehicle handle better and improve fuel efficiency by helping your wheels spin more evenly. Wheel alignment and balancing are usually done as part of a wheel alignment and balancing service. However, they can also be done as part of your inspection when buying new tires or wheels.

Due to daily driving, your car's wheels become out of alignment. Bumping into a pothole or encountering an expected/unexpected speed breaker, in addition to typical tyre wear and tear, can cause damage to the car's suspension system and steering components. You may observe that everything in your car, from the tyres to the steering wheel, seems out of place after such an accident. This is where a Tyre replacement service can help you.

The word "wheel alignment" refers to the suspension of your vehicle rather than the wheel itself. The front and rear suspensions are adjusted as specified by the manufacturer, and the car wheels are set at suitable angles, restoring the alignment. If an out-of-alignment wheel is not detected or ignored, it can cause serious damage to you and your vehicle.

You're probably wondering if your vehicle was perfectly acceptable at the time of purchase then what may be the demand for its wheel arrangement a couple of months later?

Indeed, the solution to this is unique, given the few causes that cause tyre failure and misalignment. Due to reckless driving habits, the entire framework where the car's body pieces connect to the wheel can become incoherent. Wheel configuration is a component of vehicle suspension change.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting your tyres, such as ensuring that the tyre points are streamlined with one another and with the outer layer of the roadway. Our driving habits, uneven streets, missing mounds or 'dial back' signs and other such activities are ultimately to blame for wheel misalignment. Furthermore, it is critical for your vehicle as well as your security that the entire environment is functioning properly.

The Role Of Wheel Alignment

Have you ever had difficulty with how you could modify your drive when out and about? Aligning the wheels is essential to the vehicle's ability to adjust and be safe on the road. A stop could get extended, or a turn to the left could be a shift to the right. These are examples of car alignment difficulties.

The following factors may help you comprehend the work of wheel alignment and why it is so significant:

Tyres pose a threat to the safety of the person operating the car. These are the results of unbalanced or severe wear on the tyres. Seriously worn tyres lose their grip, have significantly less grinding on the surface, and will, as a result, slip and slide on regular roadways as well. This poses safety issues.

Even the driver will lose control and grip when the tyres are worn out. While driving on rough roads should never be done in an unaligned car, a journey down the good ones can also turn into a nightmare owing to the vehicle's poor balance, shaking, and bobbing suspension.

A misaligned wheel that is left neglected may cause a more serious problem later on, both financially and in terms of security. An appropriate vehicle alignment will not only help to keep gas mileage under tight constraints. It will also help to avoid the extra expense that could accompany injury that can arise by driving a misaligned car.

Car wheels that are out of alignment directly affect:

  • Safety: Safety is constantly affected when wheels are misaligned. The car pulls to the left or right, which can cause a loss of handling and control, especially at high speeds, resulting in an uninvited breakdown or accident.

  • Comfort: Wheels that are properly aligned are safer to drive and provide an enjoyable and hassle-free driving experience.

  • Tyres: Tyres are one of the first items to suffer from a car's misalignment, resulting in premature and uneven wear.

Incorrect Wheel Alignment Indicators Include:

  • You observe the car pulling to one side.

  • The car's front end moves smoothly after hitting any pothole.

  • The car's steering wheel is no longer straight in line.

  • Your car's front tyres are showing signs of uneven wear.

If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should have your car aligned by a licenced specialist. In order to provide an appropriate wheel alignment that adheres to the manufacturer's guidelines, advanced equipment and machinery are required.

At efetch, specialists perform computerised wheel alignment and balancing at a low cost, ensuring proper wheel alignment of all four wheels with a centre alignment for the steering wheel.

You may need to be made aware of any indications or need for wheel alignment for your vehicle right now. So, we urge that you consult your owner's manual to learn how frequently the carmaker advises alignments for your specific car make and model in better detail.


We at eFetch understand the importance of Tyre replacement home service for extending the life of your tires. However, with many years of experience, you can trust that our team will handle your vehicle with care, ensuring it’s back on the road as soon as possible. We’ll inspect the tires for damage or wear, check for uneven tire pressure, and make any necessary repairs before performing our wheel alignment and balance service.

Alignment and balancing are the last stages of your vehicle's journey to a smooth ride. When you have your wheels aligned, they will be set up perfectly parallel to each other so they don't run into each other. The tires also get balanced between the weight of the wheel and the tire. This can get rid of vibrations to make your overall ride that much smoother. Many people may overlook this step, but it is critical for a flawless ride!